Fun Facts About Bentley

10 Fantabulous Super Fun Facts about Bentley

  1. His birthday is 12/9
  2. His bestest, not-furry, friend is Betty
  3. He will only eat his monthly prevention meds if they are in a bowl with chicken broth
  4. He never eats anything when he is home alone
  5. He loves to play fetch & tug
  6. When it is time for bed he won’t jump on the bed until the light is turned on
  7. He’s a very posh dog his favorite store is Tiffany & Co. which his collar with silver bone charm & eating/drinking bowls are from
  8. He loves to sleep in pj’s with Betty’s face on them
  9. His favorite color is tie dye
  10. He loves chasing squirrels & cats in the back yard

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