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About The Author

Miki Taylor

Miki Taylor is an award-winning travel advisor/agency owner (Taylor & Co. Travel) with over 14 years experience, has worked in the accounting industry for over 25 years and has always had that entrepreneurial spirit. She has always dreamed of writing children’s books and changing lives, and now she can add award winning author to her resume.

Miki’s writing is inspired by her furry, not-human bestest friend and forever muse Bentley who has been her inspiration for her company (My Boho Pooch launching soon) and has become the main character in her books which will deliver enlightening and entertaining adventures that disguises life lessons and teachable moments as fun activities. Her books are not just for reading, they are also for searching!!

Miki currently lives in Marietta, GA. where her daughters also reside.

10 Super Funtabulous Must Know Facts About Miki Taylor

  1. Her favorite color is purple
  2. Her Bentley is also who the main character is named after and he looks just like him.
  3. She once swallowed a screw when she was with her Mammalw and had to get an x-ray
  4. Like Bentley, she loves Tiffany & Co. and cherishes all of her goodies from there – even all of the bags & boxes!
  5. Her favorite actor/singer is JLo
  6. She loves the Redsox. Her daughter Miranda spent her 16th birthday at Fenway park where the Redsox won a clutch game against arch rival NY Yankees! Her name was even on the BIG screen during the game!
  7. She created her travel agency logo on a napkin sitting in a plane on the tarmac
  8. She loves to bake
  9. Her favorite trip she ever took was to Bora Bora
  10. She dreams of living on the beach in St. Pete Florida one day
About The Illustrator

Eunhye Shin

Hi, I am an illustrator and concept artist who enjoys focusing on illustrations for kids. My artwork is usually a watercolor style using digital brushing and pencil.

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