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At your School, Library, Bookstore, Classroom or Club

Author Miki Taylor presents an incredible, super de duper, wowie cool funtabulous, no stress way to celebrate Bentley, Betty, Mr. Bee & The Crew at your school, in your classroom, bookstore, library or club by hosting a Bentley & The Crew Day or event!!

The first book, Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea, is the first in the Adventures of Bentley & The Crew series. “Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea” is an adventure where Bentley & Betty take us on the inaugural adventure of the tantalizing trio of Bentley, a black & white sheepdoodle with a comma on his butt, his bestest, non-furry human friend Betty and their Bumble Bee friend Mr. Bee. The shenanigans ensue when Betty has a school assignment that is the worst, most horrible, despicable assignment ever but she really wants to win the prize for first place. Dilemma, dilemma!! What will she do? Will she complete her assignment? Will she win the prize? Does someone other than Betty come up with the solution? 

The tantalizing trio takes us on a journey and introduces us to twenty-one members of their “Crew”. Members such as Cici Crab, Po Peacock, Milo Monkey and Tito Tiger just to name a few. Intrigued yet? Have a zillion ideas swirling in your head about what happens??? Will the Crew” play into the solution? This zany, fun filled adventure is sure to enlighten & entertain with life lessons & education disguised as fun that will engage while setting imaginations soaring. 

Miki’s entertaining & educational presentation brings her first book, “Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea” to life and shares some of the special meanings behind the characters and the creation of the book and what follow up books are already in the works!!

Sample Programs:

Bentley & The Crew Fun Day

Will be the bestest, most fantabulous day ever complete with contests, games, readings, activities, shopping and everyone’s favorite – snacks!!  Great for incorporating into your PTO days, fundraisers, and in conjunction with other school events.


  • Pre-K & K – A simpler read-aloud focus with a special guest or two.
  • 1st – 5th – A more focused reading that includes students to find the hidden predators on the pages as well as 2 very special hidden treasures that has a special meaning to the author and a Q&A with the author.
  • 4th – 5th – A more focused reading with emphasis on the animal science aspects of the book with student participation to find the hidden predators throughout the book as well as 2 very special hidden treasures that have a special meaning to the author and a Q&A with the author. 
  • All Grades Assembly– An entertaining and educational hybrid presentation of read-aloud fun and student participation to find the hidden predators throughout the book as well as 2 very special hidden treasures that have special meaning to the author, Q&A at the end and a special guest or two.

Well, what are you waiting for??????

Whether you want to host an entire day or just an event, we make it a no stress fun event because we do all the planning and provide you with everything you need to have a memorable event your students won’t stop talking about. Let the adventure begin, schedule your day or event using the form below!!  

Would you like the honor of hosting the Author’s Launch Party for the release of Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea?  There can only be one so don’t walk, RUN, RUN, RUN to the inquiry form below and share your interest in hosting for more information.  

We are currently scheduling for Winter 2023 & 2024.

Hosting a Bentley & The Crew Fun Day/Event FAQs

You can find the “Request a School Visit” form above.

You can use the “Contact the Author Page” or email Miki Taylor directly at [email protected]

Provided upon request for visit due to a multitude of factors, the rates will vary and don’t forget to ask how you can have me visit for FREE!!!

Love to host an event but don’t know how to fund it? There are many ways to obtain funding for an author’s visit. A school PTO or enrichment council may offer funding, or the school district may have grants you can apply for.  

Here are some additional resources that are worth looking into:

Don’t know how to write a grant, here is a website to get you started:

Sponsors from within the community are also a great idea and I am more than happy to incorporate their businesses into my presentation and add a special “Sponsored By” on the promo posters.

Our author ambassador program allows parents, friends, relatives, teachers & librarians to get involved and become the “Special Guest Reader” of Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea. You receive all the same benefits that you would if you hosted me, the author, but at a fraction of the cost AND it can even be free!!! Your “Special Guest Reader” will read in my place and I will join you live at the end for a Q&A zoom session. Just choose Author Ambassador Program when filling out the Inquiry form below!!

My presentation is very visual and works well for a small group of 1 class or an entire grade/school.
I’m open to anything from one grade level at a time to a whole school assembly or any other ideas you might have.

  • One grade level/classroom
  • Two grade-level groupings of Pre K-K, K-1st, 1st-2nd, 2nd-3rd, 3rd-4th, 4th-5th – Presentation is geared toward the grades attending.  Different aspects of the book are discussed depending on grade level.  It does work best if Pre-K is done separately but I can work with you.
  • Four grade-level groups such as Pre-K-2nd or 2nd-5th
  • After school group/club
  • Want to have a Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea Birthday Celebration? – We do that too!!
  • Have another need, contact us. I am up for anything fun for the kids!
  • 45 – 90 minutes depending on the grade/group attending.
  • Have something different in mind, reach out I’m flexible.
  • Travel expenses beyond two hours. Email me with your location and number of presentations for specifics. 

STUDENT PRE-ORDER FORMS – These will be sent in your Author Visit Packet after you book your visit. I will need these back 1 month prior to my visit. Students may purchase paperback, hardback or both. I accept paypal/Venmo/Cash App as form of payment for all pre-ordered books which can be sent to me by the organizer. I will bring books signed by Bentley & Myself the day of the event for everyone that has purchased in advanced. These will come in special bags with the kid’s names by class with xtra Bentley merch as a thank you for inviting me.  

I will bring some extra books for those purchasing after the orders are sent to me and for day of visit sales. I will add the child’s name to the books prior to leaving the school on visit day. If there are more orders than what I bring I will mail the signed books/deliver the following week.  

I will also bring book order postcards for teachers to hand out to any kids that didn’t order who might want to order after the assembly.

The event organizer will receive a hardback copy of Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea with the Author Visit Packet to familiarize the students with the book and get them excited to do the exclusive author visit activities prior to my arrival. Any student that allows the organizer to take photos of their activities to share on my website & socials will receive an exclusive school visit Thank you dog tag only available if I am booked for a visit. 

If the school wants to place a bulk order – please reach out for bulk discount/free book information.  (a W-9 can be provided upon request)

Yes, these still exist, and we make it really fun for you & your students/group and it is an inexpensive way to expose your students to a published author and my real life, furry not-human bestie Bentley will also make an appearance on every virtual visit!!! Please indicate “Virtual Visit” on the Author Visit Request Form or in your email. Students/Teachers/Organizers receive the same author visit packet & extras as if I was there in person.

I will bring my laptop and connector if I know what type of setup you will be providing but will also save everything to a flash drive to avoid compatibility issues as a backup. I will also need a microphone if I am presenting in an area other than a classroom and will need 2 large folding tables.

Once your visit is booked the organizer will receive a Hosting Bentley & The Crew Packet. 

Included in your Hosting Packet:

  • Information cards for every teacher whose class will be joining which will include links to all pertinent information/forms.
  • A complimentary hard back book.
  • Student Pre-Order Forms – one form for each teacher whose class will be joining that can be copied if additional copies are needed. 
  • Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea Posters for each teacher whose class will be joining along with some ideas on creating the room display.
  • Author Bio Cards to include with the Author Visit poster display.
  • Book Description card to include with the Author Visit poster display.
  • Bentley’s Classroom Swag Tag Order Form – one form for each teacher whose class will be joining.
  • Social Media posts that can be shared on personal and classroom accounts to share my visit information & book ordering information. 
  • 3 Special activities – These activities are only available to kids whose school/club bring me in for a visit. You are allowing me to touch your students and I want you all to feel special. Activities will be sent for each student in each class that will be attending (Teachers/Librarians have enough to do, we want to make it easy for you, so no duplicating, it will be done for you).
  • List of equipment needed/wanted.
  • Tentative schedule.
  • Copy of Author Visit FAQ’s.
  • Invoice if my visit hasn’t been paid prior to arrival.

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