Outstanding Creator Award

The Outstanding Creator Awards is a literary and creative arts contest that recognizes talented, passionate, and imaginative people. We provide more opportunities to compete than any other literary award with multiple quarterly contests, dozens of categories, and even a bonus End of the Year contest to recognize the best of the best.

We are also known for our unique “Special Awards” which recognize niche or individual aspects of each work. We pride ourselves on being thorough and thoughtful in our reviewing/judging process.

Outstanding Creator Award for Best Children’s Book of  Clash of Champions 2023

1st Place

“What I See is Love” Gabriella Fiorletta

“Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea” Miki Taylor

“Wren and the Worry-Vanishing Magic” Kendra Fogarty

“Where are you, Alfie?” Mary Jean DeSantis

“ABC for Future CEOs” Chris Folayan

“Puppy Comes Home” Diane Capogna

“Henri and the Magnificent Snort” Samantha Childs

“Cate and the Garden Bandits” Betsy Coffeen

“Welcome Home, Pearl” Tuula Pere

“The Caring Crab” Tuula Pere

“Frankinschool” Caryn Rivadeneira

“Baby Dragon’s Big Sneeze” Sheryl Bass

2nd Place

“The Vampire’s Missing Cape” Steve Stables

“What Is the Shape of My Egg?” Lisa Weckbacher

“The Fox’s Tower” Tuula Pere

“Pearl’s Life” Tuula Pere

“Pearl, Our Butterfly” Tuula Pere

“Digger the Colony Worker Ant” Dr. Christian Kueng

“Edgar Allan Know and His Busy Brain” Rahni Davies

“ABC Bible Adventure” Leslie Mae

“A Butterfly’s Song” Tuula Pere

“The Gnatural” Mark & Ryan Bryson

“Colorworld” Anthony Richichi

“Mysteries of the Mist” Cynthia Rand

“Night Watchers” Conrad J. Storad

3rd Place

“Pedro Penguin Let’s Go to the Beach” Pedro Samuel Saquic & Annie Saquic

“Bedtime Fables” Raymond Johnson

“Fun with Mathematics” Sumita Bose

“Haunted House: Day & Night” Jaybie D

“Tammy the Troll” Dina McDermott & Once Upon a Dance

“Raccoons Go Rafting” Rachel Vogel


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