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Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea Takes the Gold: A Look at My Award-Winning Children’s Book

It’s always heartwarming to see a children’s book author earn recognition for their work. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea took home the Gold Literary Titan award for preschool picture books! My debut book, aimed at kids aged 3-8 years old, has been making waves even before its launch date of 9/28/23. I want to dive deeper into the Literary Titan review of what makes Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea so special, and why it’s worth adding to your child’s library.

Here is what the Literary Titan had to say:

“Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea by Miki Taylor is the perfect tale for exploring the concepts of friendship and the value of sharing enjoyable moments together. Bentley, an endearing puppy with a positive disposition, usually hangs out with Betty, a delightful young girl, and Mr. Bee, the bee. The trio are best friends, and they often enjoy outdoor playtime together. One day, Betty feels down due to a seemingly complicated assignment—she needs to take photos of her friends and worries that she’ll run out of playtime. This is when Bentley steps in, offering encouragement and a solution. With Bentley’s fantabulous idea, the group embarks on a journey to various places, capturing photos of other animals more than willing to cooperate.

Bentley and Betty charmed me with their enthusiasm and friendship; both are sociable and kind. These traits are valuable because they show children there’s no need to hesitate to reach out to make friends and socialize. Betty enjoys her day taking photos and sharing experiences in settings like a pool or a musical show. The rest of the characters maintain a kind and collaborative attitude. The book is beautifully illustrated with gentle colors, diverse scenes, and an array of animals. The variety of animals impressed me, as they appear naturally and offer diversity.

Another captivating aspect is Miki Taylor’s inclusion of additional search activities, such as finding a hidden cardinal within the pages. This helps reinforce focus during reading. Another feature I enjoyed was Bentley’s melodious storytelling. The tone and simplicity are perfect for young readers to practice reading in an engaging and musical manner. The story, narration, and presentation seamlessly blend educational elements with playfulness. Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea is a fantastic read that children will undoubtedly enjoy.”

Thank you, Literary Titan, for your 5 Star review.  They also awarded Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea their GOLD AWARD for pre-school picture book!!  

The Literary Titan Book Award recognizes the hard work, dedication, and exceptional writing skills that authors invest in their books. We are proud to acknowledge these significant contributions to literature and to offer a platform where such talent can be celebrated.

The Literary Titan Gold Book Award is bestowed upon books that exemplify exceptional standards in the presentation of original content. For both fiction and non-fiction works, this award appreciates the meticulous development of unique characters or subjects presented in an authentically engaging context. Whether it is an innovative narrative structure for a fiction book or a compelling argumentation in a non-fiction work, we value the ability to support fresh themes and ideas. The award also honors the craft of elegant prose, showcasing a talent for transforming simple words into compelling, beautifully constructed text. This prestigious accolade is our tribute to books that represent an extraordinary achievement in the literary world.

It is so exciting to us that the Literary Titan thinks so highly of Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea but also sees it as more than just an award-winning children’s book – it’s a testament to the power of imagination and hard work. I have created a story that both kids and adults can enjoy, and it’s a testament to the importance of encouraging creativity in young minds. As parents, teachers, and educators, it’s our job to nurture our children’s curiosity and inspire them to think outside the box. Bentley’s Fantabulous Idea is a fantastic tool for doing just that. So, why not add it to your child’s library today? We promise you won’t regret it.

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